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Pool Water Delivery | Water Hauling Service

Do you need a water delivery to fill your swimming pool?

At Bad Bob’s Pool Water & Transport, we provide swimming pool water, delivered directly to your home. Swimming pools require a tremendous amount of water to fill. Using a regular garden house can take days to fill your pool and can even damage your well pump. Filling your swimming pool with city water can cost an arm and a leg due to the cost of the electricity and the volume of water needed to fill a pool. At Bad Bob’s Pool Water, we provide clean pool water and will quickly fill your swimming pool!&nbsp

Bad Bob’s Pool Water understands that when you install a new pool, or have poor repairs, your pool will need to be re-filled or filled for the first time. We provide you with an effective and timely bulk water delivery across Western Massachusetts and Connecticut. You can trust our team to efficiently fill your inground or above ground pool.

How it Works:

At Bad Bob’s Pool Water & Transport, we will provide you with a FREE bulk water estimate based on the size of your pool. We will schedule a time and date for your bulk water delivery. Our team will arrive with the first truck load of water and using hoses and pumps to efficiently deliver water for your job. Each truck load takes approximately 30 minutes to unload. Our team will make trips from our water source to re-fill our 6,000 gallon water truck and return with the next load of water until your pool is filled.

Try our Pool Water Calculator*

*Calculator only provides an estimate for your pool.

We provide bulk pool water delivery to homes throughout Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, call us at 860-530-1771 to get started!